2020 - 2021

Initially brought on board to revamp the e-commerce website, I went on to lead the design strategy across multiple EduBridge products: a comprehensive learning management portal, an intuitive resume builder, a dedicated job portal, and an immersive mobile app.


01 — overview

For more than a decade, EduBridge delivered classroom-based mentoring. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related lockdowns, it was no longer possible for students to physically attend learning centers.

I owned and led the design vision for the new online chapter of EduBridge during theses turbulent times.

My role was instrumental in carving out and prototyping essential features: from personalized course recommendations to progress milestones and gamified learning experiences. This wasn’t just moving classes online; it was making learning fit better with today’s tech world.

The new face of EduBridge was met with enthusiasm, bridging the gap between traditional and modern learning methods.

02 — My role

Lead Product Designer - Research, Feature Scoping, UX Design, Design System, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping

03 — Team

Lovina Anthony, Project Manager
Sujata Pala, Content Lead
Ajay Mishra, Engineering

04 — Highlights

Try out the Protoype ↱

Swift Start

Dive right in with a smooth and rapid onboarding process.


Your Personal Learning Hub

A dashboard tailored for you and everything you need.


Discover & Dive Deep

Find courses that resonate, view detailed breakdowns, and effortlessly process payments.


Interactive & Engaging

Challenge yourself with our playful quiz tests, ensuring education never feels mundane.


Climb the Ranks

With rewards at every corner, embrace the thrill of achievement.


05 — Impact

E-On by EduBridge launched in September 2020 and within the span of six months it had generated






revenue (in INR)

06 — engaging in dialogues with the users, instructors, the leaders

My journey began with tuning into EduBridge's core mission and understanding the essence of their traditional learning experience.

User verbatim helped me identify specific user problems and issues that users feared facing in the context of transitioning to online learning.

Verbatims from interviews

Human Interactions

People value personal connections in learning. It's about both guidance from trainers and discussions with classmates.

Verbatims from interviews

Motivation and Engagement

Many users found the online learning experience monotonous and struggled with keeping up the motivation and managing times.

07 — Problem Statement

How might we infuse the essence of traditional learning into a digital realm for a smooth and interactive experience?

08 — Competitive Analysis

My journey began with tuning into EduBridge's core mission and understanding the essence of their traditional learning experience.

Personalized Touch

Platforms like Coursera and Udemy fine-tune their recommendations and content based on individual user behavior - like a digital mentor guiding the learning journey.

Seamless Flow

The streamlined interface of platforms like edX ensures that students can easily navigate and consume content without feeling overwhelmed.

Interactive Learning Tools

Platforms like Kahoot! and Duolingo have made learning playful and competitive. These engaging tools not only enhance retention but also keep users coming back for more.


09 — Brainstorming and ideating

Using our 'How Might We' statement as a compass, I took a step back to think about what made the in-class experience special?

I listed down everything the students love about traditional learning and thought of its digital equivalent.

How might we infuse the essence of traditional learning into a digital realm for a smooth and interactive experience?


10 — The blueprint

With a clearer vision of the desired features and capabilities for the product, it was time to lay the groundwork. I dove into structuring the high-level Information Architecture (IA) to ensure every feature had its right place and was easily accessible.


11 — From Structure to Sketch

Charting user flows and sketching wireframes allowed me to map out visualize the potential paths a user might take from their initial log-in to diving deep into the various features.

Signup and Onboarding

Option 1


Option 2 — Selected



Option 1


Option 2 — Selected


12 — Design System

The introduction of a design system was transformative. This wasn't just a set of rules, but a living blueprint ensuring consistency across the platform. Every button, every icon, every shade was thoughtfully chosen, with the aim of enhancing the user's experience, guiding their journey seamlessly through the platform.

Color Palette

By keeping the colors subdued, the platform puts the content at the forefront, allowing users to focus on their learning without distractions.



Clear Sans was chosen for its legibility and modern aesthetic, ensuring that users have a seamless reading experience.



The intention was to create a toolkit of elements that could be combined in various ways, adapting to diverse content needs and user scenarios, all while maintaining a cohesive and intuitive user experience.


13 — Final designs

I pieced everything together for the final prototype. Focusing on details, I added micro-interactions to make the journey fun and engaging for the users.

Signup and Onboarding

Streamlined to get users started without fuss. Direct and non-overwhelming, ensuring a smooth transition from traditional to digital platforms.



Designed to highlight what's vital. Engages users with reminders and progress, making sure they stay on track and motivated.



Detailed course description pages that highlights job related benefits. Reduces time stress by making the selection-to-purchase journey quick and easy.


Interactive Content

More than just content. Enhances engagement with interactive modules while providing traditional learning resources for a comprehensive experience.



Celebrate progress and stay motivated. Allows users to see their milestones and get a nudge of motivation from peers' progress.



A clear display of key dates and events. Acts as a reminder and time management tool, making sure the users stay on top of their commitments.



Ensures users never miss out. Tailored reminders to boost engagement and keep them motivated.



Building on the essence of human touch. Facilitates easy interactions with classmates and mentors, keeping the spirit of traditional learning alive.



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